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O U R   D O N O R S

Western Stock Growers' Association

Roy and Karen Clark
Wendy and Udo Adam – Stellar Cattle
Anna (Hargrave) Anderssen
George Ward – Star Ranches

Keith and Ronda Reesor

Bill and Nancy Newton

Alberta Beef Industry Conference

Tru-Test Group

Sustainable Canada

Robin Nixon

Ashton Kusler

John and Ann Panter

Linda Clark and Family

A N O N Y M O U S   D O N O R S   27

Norm and Donna Ward

Ed Curry Ranching

Lorne Scott

Cross Bar Ranch

Don and Trudy Evans

Trina Ness

Kerrie and Bruce Kusler

Short Grass Ranches

Belvin Angus

Margaret Kvigstad

Lindsye Murfin

Tom and Lois Gilchrist

Bullshead Ranch

Jerry Holtman

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