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H O W    T O    A P P L Y

Your proposal should be no longer than five pages; typed, single spaced. You may use illustrations but these are included in the five page limit.  Outlined in your proposal, please include:

1) a summary of your activities / project / initiative for which you are seeking funding. Please describe how you will advance or continue your education in the areas indicated in the criteria OR how you will bring added value and progress the current body of knowledge in the industry.

2) If you are submitting for a project or initiative, please include:

    a) an outline of the objectives of your project / initiative

    c) a brief description of the significance of the proposal to the cattle industry

   d) OPTIONAL: An activity schedule that shows in table form the activities that comprise your project with anticipated start         and completion dates. 

Along with this proposal, please attach a letter describing your background, field(s) of interest, past education and any previous work that may be relevant. 

Submit a hard copy of your proposal, letter and application form

to:  James Hargrave Legacy Foundation

Box 179, #14 -900 Village Lane

Okotoks. AB  T1S 1Z6

All applications also must submit an electronic copy in PDF format to: with the subject line Application for the James Hargrave Legacy Fund

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