2018 James Hargrave Legacy Foundation


H O W    T O    A P P L Y

Your proposal should be no longer than five pages; typed, single spaced. You may use illustrations but these are included in the five page limit.  Outlined in your proposal, please include:

1) a summary of your activities / project / initiative for which you are seeking funding

2) If you are submitting for a project or initiative, please include:

    a) an outline of the objectives of your project / initiative

    b)  a summary of published literature relevant to your proposal

    c) a brief description of the significance of the proposal to the cattle industry

   d) OPTIONAL: An activity schedule that shows in table form the activities that comprise your project with anticipated start         and completion dates. 

Along with this proposal, please attach a letter describing your background, field(s) of interest, past education and any previous work that may be relevant. 

Submit a hard copy of your proposal, letter and application form

to:  James Hargrave Legacy Foundation

Box 179, #14 -900 Village Lane

Okotoks. AB  T1S 1Z6

All applications also must submit an electronic copy in PDF format to:  lindsye@jameshargravelegacy.com with the subject line Application for the James Hargrave Legacy Fund