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The James Hargrave Legacy Fund was established in memory of James Hargrave, a young rancher who lost his life in an accident while fighting wildfire in October 2017. James served his community, his province and his country tremendously well. He was Chairman of the Alberta Grazing Leaseholders Association and the First Vice President of the Western Stock Growers’ Association, a volunteer firefighter and also the first to step forward to lend a helping hand to anyone. James was an exceptional
advocate for the beef industry, a true steward and champion of the grasslands, as well as a great friend and dedicated family man. We could never do enough to fill the gap that James left behind.

Our vision is that the James Hargrave Legacy Fund will encourage and enable individuals in the beef industry to carry on the values, leadership and philosophy that James embodied. The fund seeks to support and promote advances and innovations in the beef industry especially in fields of interest for which James had a passion: grasslands stewardship and conservation, water conservation, and work done to progress a marketplace for ecosystem goods and services – as well as knowledge transfer on any of these topics.

Awarded annually, the fund will support those whose interests and work in the beef and grazing industry exemplify the philosophy James lived and worked by.

H O W    T O    D O N A T E

We hope with funding from within the agricultural industry, this will be a long lasting award program with the hope of advancing agriculture in Canada and keeping James’ memory alive.

If you would like to contribute to the fund:

S E N D  C H E Q U E S  T O:

Box 179

#14, 900 Village Lane
Okotoks, Alberta, CAN

T1S 1Z6

E - T R A N S F E R  T O:

Cheques can be made out to James Hargrave Legacy Fund. Please indicate permission to display your name on our  D O N O R   L I S T.

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